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As specialists in concrete paving and flooring, our products and services provide you with a diverse solution.

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Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is the perfect product to improve the appearance of your home, with many different natural colour stones to choose from. Exposed Aggregate can provide a stunning finish to any outdoor area and is ideal for steep driveways. Different colour options can be obtained by combining stones, adding colour pigments or even sealing the Aggregate once completed.

Grinded Concrete Flooring

Concrete floor grinding and polishing is where rough concrete surfaces is smoothed down by using a diamond grinding mechanical process. A sealer gets applied to enhance the colour of the aggregate and to give a protective layer that can easily be cleaned.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

This is where silicone moulds / matts are used, to imprint a specific pattern onto the concrete surface while still wet.

Floor Refurbishment

LEXPO Concrete Paving also specializes in repairing & reseal of existing Pattern Imprinted Concrete & Exposed Aggregate surfaces.